Clear Facts About Smoking versus Vaping Cannabis

Smoking Vs Vaping cannabis is always a debate among many. Dried leaves of tobacco rolled into a small cylindrical paper makes a cigarette which is breathed into the bloodstream. This process is called smoking. Vaping Cannabis on the other hand is inhaling and exhaling nicotinic vapor of ‘marijuana’. They both give satisfactory effects of feeling relaxed, content and generally good when used. Negative effects are not ruled out.

Differences between Smoking and Vaping Cannabis 

Even though these two are distinctly different, people classify them as the same because of their effects in the body. They however carry different characteristics. For smoking to occur, there has to be combustion while for vaping, liquid substance has to be heated up until it turns to vapor for consumption. In smoking, the nicotine in the cigarette roll determines how much you will smoke while in vaping cannabis, the e-liquid that is chosen will help you determine the amount of nicotine to intake. While smoking uses dried plant parts that are processed and put in cigarette rolls or pipes, vaping cannabis uses vape oils or e-liquids giving you the ingredients you would like to use and in desired concentration.

Effects of Smoking Vs Vaping Cannabis

The effects of smoking vs vaping cannabis can be classified into both positive and negative.

The positive effects include; a relaxed mood, instant satisfaction, weight loss, sobriety, it serves as a substitute of other substances. On the other hand, vaping cannabis is affordable in the long run, has less odor, is simple to use, considerably safer, can be done in a discrete way and you have the advantage of controlling the nicotine intake.

Side effects of Smoking Vs Vaping Cannabis

The side effects of smoking Vs vaping cannabis tend to be varied. It ranges from health to the general effects. These include but are not limited to; addiction, bad teeth, infertility, complications, pregnancy issues, vision challenges like cataracts and dry eyes, gum diseases, health complications like cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, risk of diabetes.

Vaping Cannabis’s side effects comprise of; anxiety, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, lung damage and unhealthy respiratory symptoms like pain in the chest.


Both methods have their pros and cons, however, it is important to note that the cons far outweigh the pros. While smoking does not require much, its disadvantages are more life threatening compared to vaping cannabis. It is thus crucial to consider reducing smoking or converting to vaping cannabis as the better option.