Weed vapes: the modern way of smoking THC involves inhaling and exhaling vapour or aerosol made from dry materials, which are heated electronically by a powered device called an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. Vaping is different from smoking.

 The main difference is that smoking delivers nicotine by burning tobacco directly into the lungs, while vaping delivers nicotine by heating a liquid or dry material in a less harmful way.

The modern way of smoking weed

The modern way of smoking weed is by vaping. It involves burning the primary psychoactive component in marijuana known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC works with the body receptors and binds them to release neurotransmitters into the brain, making someone feel high and affecting things like pain, sleep, mood, and memory when used.

Weed vaping is the easiest way of smoking marijuana, and it is loved by many. This is because vaping doesn’t smell much compared to regular smoking; it is smokeless, odourless, and easy to hide. Vaping also reduces the risk of lung infection by smoke because nicotine does not reach the lungs directly as its burned externally using electronic cigarettes.

How does vaping weed work?

Still, wondering how vaping is done? Let me take you through the process. The modern way of smoking weed, that is, vaping, involves a device known as the vape pen (which may look like a flash drive), which is used to hit the marijuana concentrate. 

The vaping machines are of different styles or come in different shapes, with some resembling pens, USB drives, and other simple objects that are difficult for parents and teachers to recognize. 

The user adds a small amount of the concentrate, known as a “dab,” then heats it with the device, vape pen, until it produces a vapour which is then inhaled and exhaled. The smoke generated by the vape pen has a high instant effect on the user.

 The effect is sometimes referred to as “dabbing.” The vaping machine has a reachable battery to run the device, a cartridge containing the dry marijuana, and a heating component to hit the dab out.

What are the effects of using marijuana?

Although the modern way of smoking weed vapes has reduced the effect of smoke in the lungs like in regular smoking, the side effects of using weed do not change because the substance is still the same, but the mode used to smoke changed. Weed users may experience problems psychologically and physically. The difficulties include panic attacks, paranoia, anxiety, and hallucinations. 

Additionally, the use of marijuana increases the user’s heart rate and blood pressure, and they may also experience withdrawal and addiction problems. Marijuana also affects the user’s attention, memory, and learning skills, so caution must be taken against weed abuse. However, students who use marijuana are likely to finish top in class compared to their peers. 


The modern way of smoking weed vapes has reduced the effect of weed smoke on the lungs and has made smoking easier for users. Vaping is also environmentally friendly because it only affects active users and not passive users.

 However, caution has to be taken against abusing weed because the effects of weed are the same regardless of the mode used to inject it into the body. Take notice; usage leads to addiction.