Effects resulting from consumption of cannabis Sativa and indica

Any kind of drug taken alters the normal body functioning either positively or negatively. Sativa vs.Indica weed strains effects take the same course. Among the positive effects that result from using Sativa is releasing anxiety. Find Indica and sativa at a cannabis store near you in Canada

Among the medical purposes that Sativa serves is to get rid of anxiety, uneasiness, and depression. It acts by alleviating one’s mood. This in hand boosts creativity alongside one’s focusing on various activities.

The following are negative Sativa vs. Indica weed stains effects

1. Memory loss

The human brain has memories that are divided into long-term memory where indefinite information is stored and short-term memory where only the immediate information and events are stored.

 The cannabis in Sativa and indica has some intoxication effects which mostly affect short-term memory. The compounds in Cannabis interfere with neural signaling which is responsible for memory when connecting to the receptors. Consumption can lead to severe memory loss known as amnesia.

2. Dizziness

Apart from memory loss, among the main Sativa vs.Indica weed strain effects is dizziness.  After the consumption of Indica and Sativa, the cerebral blood flow blood pressure increases drastically and it is said to be the main reason behind dizziness. 

Sometimes both cerebral blood flow and blood pressure reduce instead leading to dizziness since in both cases the blood flow around the brain is affected. These effects can go further to lead to unconsciousness in the user.

3. The heart rate becomes irregular

This effect also comes as a result of an increase in blood pressure after consuming Indica vs. Sativa. Once one has used them, the blood pressure around the heart tends to increase drastically.

 Smoking increases the accumulation of carbon monoxide and reduces oxygen accumulation. This increases the chances of having cardiovascular diseases including stroke and heart attack.

4. Distorted sense and perception of time.

 Failure to have a sense of time is among the Sativa vs. Indica weed strain effects. Consumption of Indica and Sativa alters the cerebellum and blood flow affecting time perception. The user usually perceives and senses time to be way ahead of the normal clock time.


This article confirms the various effects that come with the consumption of Indica and Sativa weed strains. Most of the effects confirmed are harmful to the body in various ways. When researching this topic, one can use it for reference.