Understanding Hemp CBD Vrs Cannabis CBD

If you are a user of cannabis, then you have probably seen all the adverts surrounding the selling of weed in recreational facilities as well as convenience stores. However, the most important thing that you need to understand is that you may not be able to purchase cannabis either for recreational or medical purposes unless it has been legalized in the area that you are in. There are so many therapeutic benefits that come with the use of CBD and you also cannot ignore the fact that there is a difference between cannabis and hemp. There are those people who make the mistake of buying hemp because they think that they have the same therapeutic benefits that come with cannabis. However, because of the Hemp CBD Vrs Cannabis dispensary CBD, it is important for you to understand that there is a distinct difference between the two. Below are the major differences.

  • How they are derived

As you probably know, hemp CBD is derived from the hemp plant whereas the cannabis CBD comes from weed. You also need to understand that both hemp and cannabis come from different strains. A major difference when it comes to Hemp CBD Vrs Cannabis CBD, it is important for you to understand that hemp CBD is not considered being medicinal. This is mainly because of the fact that it contains a very low level of its chemical compounds which in other words is what is referred to as cannabinoids.

Even though the cannabis plant is mostly used in the making of various medications for varying treatments, the hemp plant, on the other hand, is mostly used when it comes to making of various food products. Other products that are made with the hemp plant include things like paper, clothing, textiles and so much more.

  • Hemp CBD oil is considered to be illegal

Another major difference between Hemp CBD Vrs Cannabis CBD is that hemp CBD oil is illegal while cannabis CBD is not considered to be illegal. Because of this fact, the hemp oil has not been regulated by any law. You should also know that if you find CBD oil in one of your health stores or if you are getting it from a producer who is unlicensed, this should tell you that it has probably come from the hemp plant. Cannabis CBD oil has been approved to be sold by producers who are licensed as a medicine. You will also need to have a prescription for you to be able to purchase it.

  • The cannabis CBD oil contains a higher level of CBD

If you are considering making a purchase of CBD oil, you should know that it has a CBD concentration of 20% while hemp has a low concentration of 3.5%.