• Tax Reform

    One of my highest priorities in Congress is to lower the tax burden on American families and ensure that small businesses have the capital needed to grow and create jobs. For far too long, hard-working families have sent their tax dollars to Washington only to see them squandered away by Congress. In this economic climate, it is absolutely wrong to raise taxes on families and employers. That is why I am fighting to make the tax code simpler and fairer, not larger and more painful.

    — Diane Black

    Stopping Tax Increases: Diane fights everyday against President Obama and liberals in Congress who believe we are just one more tax increase away from prosperity. She is working to make the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent and voted opposite the leadership of her own party on the so-called “fiscal cliff” compromise bill that added to our national debt and raised taxes on families and small business.

    Reforming Our Broken Tax Code: Diane believes in fundamental, pro-growth tax reform that makes our code simpler and flatter. She has voted to eliminate loopholes and deductions in order to lower taxes on all America.
    Making America More Competitive: In April 2012, the United States surpassed Japan as having the highest corporate tax rate among industrialized countries. Diane knows that our broken tax policies are forcing companies to invest in other countries and ship jobs overseas which is why she voted to lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent.