• 2nd Amendment

    Our individual right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to America and a right guaranteed by our Constitution. I will always fight to protect our Second Amendment rights from those who would seek to weaken them.

    — Diane Black

    Endorsed by the National Rifle Association
    Lifetime National Rifle Association member
    Handgun carry permit owner

    Protecting the Right to Carry:Diane cosponsored and voted for H.R. 822, the top legislative priority of the NRA for the 112th Congress. This bill ensures a national reciprocity standard for right-to-carry permits, allowing those who qualify for a permit in their home state to travel with their gun(s) and receive reciprocity.

    Defending Heritage Firearms: Diane cosponsored H.R. 420 which protects heritage firearms by allowing veterans and their families to register foreign guns without reprisal from the government.